About Us

Kia Ora and Ahoj my name is Marianna Inch-Pomoti and I am the Manager/Licensee for our preschool ‘Paradise for Little Angels’.

I have graduated with a degree in Primary School teaching from my native Slovakia. After gaining residence in New Zealand, I have completed a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education. After completing my Bachelor of Education a decision was made to broaden my life skills and I have spent a thoroughly enjoyable several years travelling around the world. I visited most of the European countries before I made my way to and settled in New Zealand. I now live in Rolleston with my husband Michael, son Jakub and daughter Jasmina.

I want to take the best from both of my fields and incorporate into my programme with an emphasis on education and self-discovery. My main teaching philosophy is: ‘A child’s development is like the opening of the flower bud. It gradually unfolds. If we open its petal unnaturally we interfere with the growing process and the flower becomes distorted.’

Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your child’s development and journey within our preschool.

Please phone, visit or email us anytime

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