General Information

  • Kiwi Room is for Infant’s and Toddler’s
  • Pukeko Room is for Young children
Hours of operation

Our hours of operation are 07:30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday. The centre will be closed on statutory holidays, if a public holiday falls on a day which your child would normally attend full fees will be charged; also full fees will be charged on ‘Teacher Only Day’ which will be on Easter Tuesday each year. No fees will be charged over the Christmas period when the centre is closed for two weeks.

Settling children in

All children will be appointed a key caregiver (primary caregiver) who will be responsible for their routine, settling in, individual discovery projects, development updates and parent induction. Young children can often find it challenging to settle into new and unfamiliar environments. This can be distressing for both the parent and child involved. At Paradise for Little Angels time and stress are reduced in the settling process by parents following these ideas:

  • Visit as often as possible before your child is expected to attend
  • At these visits get to know your child’s primary caregiver and other teachers
  • If possible, stay during the first stages of transition until your child is settled into an activity or happy with a teacher or peer
  • Children are welcome to bring any special toys or cuddles that might help them to settle
  • Parents are encouraged to say good-bye once and then leave, as frequent coming and going is unsettling for children

Infants and toddlers individual sleeping patterns are retained as much as possible. They sleep in cots or beds with individualised bedding (provided by Paradise for Little Angels). Older children have a quiet rest time after lunch or a sleep if requested by their parents.


Parents are required to bring:

children’s packed lunches and morning and afternoon snacks. Each enrollment pack contains a guideline for healthy meals.

Clearly named (already prepared) bottles for children who are on formula, whole milk or expressed breast milk

For children in nappies please provide enough disposable nappies for each day

A clearly labelled bag for your child

At least two clearly labelled complete changes of clothes: In the summer, please ensure your child has with them a clearly labelled sunhat. In the winter, please ensure your child has a warm hat, jacket and gumboots

Each child has their own locker for storage of belongings.


Children are most welcome to celebrate their birthdays at Paradise for Little Angels. You are welcome to provide special treats to share with the other children on your child’s birthday. Special food for children with allergies should be provided by their own parents. Parents are most welcome to join us or leave cameras for us to record the celebration.


Child Health Policy (Click to view PDF)

Please notify us if your child is unwell and unable to attend. An answer machine is available for parents/guardians to leave a message relating to illness. Notification given prior to 19:00 before your child’s booking, entitles your child to 50% absent fee. Your child should be kept home if you suspect illness, especially of an infectious nature. In the event that any child becomes ill while at Paradise for Little Angels we require a parent or guardian to collect them immediately.

Please ensure that your child’s teacher knows if your child is on antibiotics. This enables us to make informed judgments should the child develop antibiotic related symptoms such as diarrhoea or rash. Please insure that a medication form is completed if antibiotics need to be administrated. We are unable to administer medication without this form being completed. The medication needs to be clearly labelled with the child’s name and required dosage. Staff are prohibited by law from administrating any non-prescription drugs other than Paracetamol (panadol).

Parents of the children with long term illnesses such as chronic discharging green noses, abnormal stools (not diarrhoea), can be asked to seek more information in relation to the problem. This is for the protection of your child as well as to safeguard other children at the centre.

A child will not be permitted to attend when she or he has any of the following:

Disease or Condition:
Exclusion Period:
Common Cold a child with an acute infection i.e. who is
sneezing, coughing and/or feverish, green discharge from nose
Should stay at home until they are well.
Conjunctivitis discharge from the eyes
of any type.
The child must be excluded for 24 hours
after the treatment has commenced.
Giardia excluded until treatment is given and diarrhoea has ceased
for at least 24 hours.
Head Lice the child must be taken from the centre
and appropriate treatment administered, and all nits should
be removed either with a comb or fingers before the child can
be readmitted. All infected family members should be treated.
Vomiting & Diarrhoea the child must be taken from the centre, the child may not
return until at least 24 hours from the time of last vomiting
or loose bowel motion.
School Sores (impetigo) re-admit once appropriate treatment
has commenced, lesions are no longer weeping. Any sores on exposed
surfaces must be properly covered
Measles exclude for 4 days from the appearance of the rash or until
a medical certificate of recovery is produced.
Mumps exclude for 9 days or until swelling
goes down.
Ringworm the child may return 24 hours after treatment has commenced,
provided that the lesion is (and remains) covered. If unable
to cover, excluded until healed.
Rubella, German Measles exclude until fully recovered or for
at least 4 days after
the onset of a rash.
Scabies exclude for 24 hours after treatment has commenced.
Hand, Foot and Mouth exclude until all blisters have healed.
Chicken Pox exclude for at least 5 days from the onset and until all blisters
have dried.
Viral Gastroenteritis exclude until diarrhoea has ceased for
at least 24 hours from the last loose bowel motion.
Whooping Cough exclude the child for 5 days after starting antibioticstreatment.
Influenza exclude until the child feels well.