Our Philosophy

The environment at Paradise is a welcoming, stimulating and caring one and is catering for the needs and interests of all children and encourages their healthy development in all areas, including physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills. We recognise that a child’s learning is individual.

We believe in providing a warm environment of positive guidance where children receive praise and encouragement and strengthen their social competence.

  • We believe in promoting balance between child-initiated learning experiences and deliberately planned activities to extend children’s learning.
  • We will encourage children to be respectful, sensitive and thoughtful towards people, places and things within their environment and broader relationships.
  • Children are affirmed as capable individuals and encouraged to reflect on their own learning processes through developing their self-confidence and their sense of self-worth. We want our tamariki to have abundant, daily opportunities to wonder, to explore and to think.
  • We encourage an awareness and appreciation of the bi-cultural heritage of our country. We support the Treaty of Waitangi and the use of Te Reo Maori as a living language.
  • We acknowledge and respect all families’ cultures, needs and aspirations working in partnership and collaboration.
  • All learners are seen as competent and respected, making a valued contribution to our local schools and wider community.

Children’s learning needs and interest will be planned for and reflected in our programme working in collaboration with Te Whaariki, The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum